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    Question regarding the applicability of tableau

    Paul Krämer

      Hello everybody,


      I have a specific task, and i just discovered tableau, so i would like to know if i can do my tasks the way i want with tableau:


      1. Is it possible to reproduce an exact copy of a already given report made in excel?

      Stadtwerke Preisentwicklung Grafik.PNG

      E.g. exact positions of numbers in a diagram or position of certain elements, the font size of labels and legends, or in this case postion of the red dot markers and the size of them?


      2. Can I generate several reports with one template, that applies different datasets and generates the reports with that. And if yes, is it necessary to generate the diagrams for these reports seperatly or can they be generated with different data for each report with  1 click?


      3. Can i distribute reports to endusers that dont have a license, and can this happen online and webbased?


      4. Can i link the data source to an already existing databank, that synchronizes every night?



      I hope i expressed myself clearly and understandable,


      With kind regards,


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          Tim Dines

          1.  Yes, you can recreate that report using Tableau, but be warned that this is not Excel and you probably will not do that in your first couple of hours.  There is a wealth of training material and many people and web sites that can help you along the way.


          2. Yes, you can do this be creating a parameter that allows the user to select the report or data set that they want to view.  I have created many KPI reports that pull from different data sets and these reports use just one parameter.  Once the report is chosen, the user can dig into the data that is presented.  This is something much more than what can be done in Excel.


          3.  You can distribute report to users that do not have the Tableau Desktop or Server license.  Visualizations can be exported along with their data extracts and user can download the Tableau Viewer.  Visualizations can be uploaded to Tableau Public and viewed on any browser.


          4.  Yes, you can connect to a vast number of data sources and set the data source to update on the schedule of your choosing.


          Tableau is, in my opinion, the best software available for the creation of data visualizations.  Keep in mind that this is not Excel.  There will be things you can do in Tableau that Excel cannot do and there are some formatting things in Excel that are difficult in Tableau.


          Hope this helps,

          Tim Dines

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            Paul Krämer

            Hey, thanks for your response, I have a follow up question:

            Regardig point 1; so it would take quite some hours to achieve this, which is fine, but would i need prgramming knowledge, and if so, which languages?


            and regarding question 2: What i meant was, can i create something like a macro within the app, that automatically generates me several charts and reports with a few clicks?


            Thank you again

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              Tim Dines

              Point 1.  You will not need programming knowledge.  Most things in Tableau can be achieved without creating calculated fields, but even that is pretty easy if you have looked at the training videos and/or the Superstore sample.

              Point 2.  You will be able to create many views with just a few clicks and then arrange them in dashboards or in a Tableau Story for your viewers to use.  You will have a great time with it once you begin to think outside of the Excel box.