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    Graphing records based on modified date

    James Moran

      I have data in the following format:


      Model          Status          Last Modification

      1122          Open               01/01/2004

      1122          Closed              01/01/2018

      1123          Open               01/01/2009

      1123          Pending          06/02/2010

      1123          Closed               04/02/2017


      I need to be able to count the number of distinct models (countd[Model]) by date. If there is no change in status, then the latest status should be applicable for the intervening period.


      The problem is that if I drag [Last Modification] as the date field, then in the example, the count for 'Open' models in 2005 will be zero...in fact, 2005-2008 (inclusive) do not appear.


      Any ideas how I could get around this (changing the database is problematic as there are a lot of records is would be necessary to add 1122 Open 01/02/2004, 1122 Open 01/03/2004 ...)