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    modifying custom geography lats and longs

    Santi Roberts

      Hi, I'm new to the forums and hoping someone can help me with something I've been struggling with for a while.  I have a dashboard posted to Tableau public here.  Tableau Public (it takes a while to load so please be patient!).  In the first two tabs, I have created custom geographies for continent and region, based on underlying country-level data.  I'd essentially like to move the pies to a different/better location on the map.  If you look at the North America pie chart, for example, it's in the Caribbean presumably because a lot of the countries that I've included in the North America category are in Central America and the Caribbean.  I'd like to move it to somewhere like the middle of the US/Canada.  On a side note, if anyone knows how to speed up the loading for these charts, that'd be most welcome too!  Thanks!