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    Prajval T

      Hi Team,

      Thank you so much for your support. When ever i post something i am getting very quick response with proper solution. You guys are rocking and providing very good support for us.

      well, coming to my requirement, i have to create a view like YTD and PYTD profits as lines and  sales as Bars based on month(single select) and Year(select) selection.

      PFB screen shot FYR.




      To explain more, for example if i select 2017 in year and 6th in month filter, then i need to show YTD as (2016 july to 2017 June -- 12 months) and PYTD as (2015  july to 2016 June -- 12 months).


      And one IMP this is, based on month select i want highlight recent 6 months with different style like dots like below.


      Guys, any support to get this done.