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    Very Confused on how to Create a Top N while having filters for other dimensions

    Matt Spicer

      I have three worksheets.  They are all comparing 2017 spend to 2018 spend.  One is by the top 15 Commodities, the second is by the top 20 Parent Suppliers and the third is by Site. I have included two of the views below.  For each one I want to be able to filter by these dimensions and still give me the correct totals. So for instance, when I choose a commodity in my filter dropdown, I want to see the top 20 suppliers for that commodity and same when choosing a site.  I have viewed discussions on how to do this with Index() or Rank, others by creating parameters and one by creating sets.  I have walked through each one and tried to apply to my data unsuccessfully.  Can someone show me the easiest way forward based on my particular data?