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    URL Action to Drive a Secure Webpage Embedded in a Dashboard

    Tim Winters

      Hi Everyone,


      Looking for clarification on a possible scenario.


      1) I have a Dashboard.

      2) That dashboard contains a 2 objects; a tabular viz, and an embedded webpage object.

      3) There is a URL action which passes various values from the viz to the Embedded Webpage via URL variables.


      The above is all easy enough. Where I am running into issues is the webpage in question is secured at a user level.


      Is it possible to use the authentication that was used to access the dashboard via tableau server to control authentication of the webpage? Eg. Using the action to pass a username name and password via URL variables to the webpage?


      Anyone ever try this or have any thoughts?





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          Carisa Chang

          Hi Tim,


          If the users had the same username on both systems, you could get the username with the USERNAME() function in Tableau, but I don't know of anyway to get the password - I suspect that could be a pretty big security hole if it was allowed. Do you using any sort of single sign on with Tableau Server, like SAML or Automatic Login? If you could configure SSO for Tableau Server and the secured site, credentials should be passed automatically in that case?