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    Find last payment of each member

    Raheel Farooq

      Hi All,

      I am new to tableau and need some assistance to create a measures


      I have 3fields i.e. member_id, Payment_Made(Amount), Date_of_Payment.


      I want to display tabular data in the format like below:




      So I have to create 2 new measure i.e. Total_Payments_made_till_Date and Last_Payment_Made



      Could you kindly share what and how i can achieve this. Thankyou




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          Jim Dehner


          welcome to tableau

          see the attached - it is one way to solve the issue


          the data is superstore data

          first the last order for each customer is



          then create a filter like this


          place it on the filter shelf and set to true


          and the viz returns this





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