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    Tableau embed on a website

    romain regnier



      This is my first post here, my name is Romain, I am a business analyst for a small company.

      We just started a new BI project and I am in charge of providing a solution for the company I work with.

      I tried to have a look everywhere but I find different information about the licensing when tableau is embed on a website.

      My first question is do we need a license for each user of the website which could access the report?

      If yes, how is it managed when tableau is displayed on a public website, there would only be one "website" user ?


      I also have another question not related to the licensing, let's say we have a website with people who are signed in and non signed in people. Is there any secure way to show a same dashboard with different filters for people signed in and not?


      Thank you very much for your help,

      Kind regards,