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    Data source pointing to default schema

    Horatiu Negutoiu



      I wanted to ask if there is another way besides Custom SQL to create a data source that points to a "default user schema" for Microsoft SQL Server.


      What I mean is, let's say you have [DB].[Schema A].[Products View] and [DB].[Schema B].[Products View]. Mike has access to Schema A while Rob has access to Schema B.


      With Custom SQL, we can use one data source for both Mike and Rob by inserting something like "SELECT * FROM [ProductsView]" then publishing the data source with impersonation. Tableau's query to will not contain a schema, so this allows forces SQL to grab the user's default schema, returning the correct results.


      However, when [Products View] gets really large, so large that it takes more than 15 minutes to create an extract from it, Tableau 10.5.0 brings back "Query has timed out" errors. All the other versions of Tableau prior to this worked fine to extract the data, even if it had to do it for up to 6 hours. I even tried running the same query in SQL Studio and the query ran fine, albeit upwards of one hour.


      So my question is if there is another way to specify "default user schema" in Tableau?


      Thank you very much for your responses!