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    Tableau Server - Alerts status, 'Never Checks'

    anis makeriya



      I am trying to set up an alert on a view. for some reason the 'last checked' field shows 'never' for more than the last week since I've set this up.


      I have tested the connection, it is working

      the data extract does refresh every night and I do see new data every morning.


      it is a continuous numeric axis over a date axis.


      whats unusual is that some of the alerts do show a 'last checked' date but most show 'never.

      I've deleted them now but kept the one that doesn't work.




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          Matt Coles

          I would recommend asking your server or site admin to take a look at the "Background Tasks for Non Extracts" view on the Status page. From there, they should drill into the "Check if Data Alert condition is True" type, then look at the marks for failures. Hopefully that will reveal the issue, or at least provide enough detail to send to Support.

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            anis makeriya

            Thanks Matt,


            definitely gave direction for where to look.

            this is a customer POC so I am the report builder and doing some admin bits too.


            the value for "Check if Data Alert condition is True" is false.


            when looking at the common causes for this issue, they re listed here:

            Set Up a Server for Data-Driven Alerts

            Failing alerts are often caused by content changes on Tableau Server. Encourage users to recreate alerts if changes like the following occur:

            A workbook, view, or data field is removed or renamed.

            Database credentials embedded in workbooks expire. (Alerts require workbooks to use either embedded credentials, or none at all.)

            A data source becomes inaccessible.


            i uploaded the workbook again and created 2 new alerts so changes related to server or the workbook aren't in question anymore.

            i set up a scheduled refresh and also did 'run now' with embedded credentials, it did succeed so it can connect.


            any other ideas or deeper places to look?

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              Matt Coles

              Is it actually an error mark? Here's an example of a failed alert on our server (the numbered steps show you my mouse clicks to first filter, then select the mark):



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                anis makeriya

                here it is, please dont say its the SMTP server. i just expected it to check at least, regardless of whether the email gets sent or not...


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                  Matt Coles

                  It's checking it, but it's failing to send it, as the error shows, due to some issue with your SMTP server. However, if Tableau Server is unable to connect to the SMTP server, it means that it won't be sending any subscriptions, alerts, or server warnings to the admin. So either your SMTP server is intermittently unavailable when these alerts are trying to send, or more likely, you have a config issue with the SMTP settings you entered into Tableau Server. I do agree that it's a bit confusing to not set the "Last Checked" date when it clearly was checked successfully, but you could also make the argument that if it it had told you it had checked it successfully, but you never got an email, you'd assume that your alert was working fine and just not triggering--and that's not the case here.


                  Anyway, bottom line is that you need to correct your SMTP settings for your POC, so do that first, then test your alerts again.

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                    anis makeriya

                    Hi Matt,


                    sorry, didn't mean to ignore, just haven't got it to work yet.

                    Thanks for the detailed explanation.


                    I have been told:

                    Problem is the SMTP server from our UK and other branches just cant be used outside of its network.

                    using the clients details isn't recommended as security on the server isn't robust enough to open the server to the internet.


                    Thanks again for the help... was informative