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    Add data to extract in a different format to the original source?

    Samuel Gee


      We receive .csv data every week, run a few calculations on it in Excel, and then update a tableau extract with it. The .csv files are all about 30MB and the extract covers three years worth of data and is about 300MB.


      I inherited this, and recently identified an error in one of the underlying Excel calcs, going all the way back to the start. Whoops.


      Over the weekend I used Alteryx to batch edit all the 150 .csv files to correct them, then stitched them into one massive file and output it as a Tableau extract.


      In order to be able to add to the extract, I then used Tableau to extract that Alteryx-created extract to a Tableau-created extract.


      But now there's new data coming in, and I find I can't append any data to the tableau-created extract that's not also in a .tde format.


      This isn't a huge issue - if I have to I can open each .csv in the future, run the Excel calcs,, turn the .csv into a mini-extract all on its own and then add it to the big extract.


      But it's a pain in the *** and I'd rather not do that, for obvious reasons.

      Is there a way to just add .csv-stored data to the .tde-only extract?



      Thank you