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    Postcodes not showing in correct locations?


      Hi all I was hoping that someone could help with this problem I'm having. I have tried restructuring the data in several ways and changing to dimensions but nothing seems to work.


      I now have my distance filter map working as I want, changing the radius filter to show shop locations within range of a selected manager but those manager locations are not showing exactly in the right location.


      For example, in the attached workbook Darren Hugues has a lat and long of 51.42, -2.61 but when added to the dual layer map it shows as 51.29, -2.92 which is incorrect. This occurs for each of the manager home locations on the map.


      The lat and long values for the shop locations are all in the correct places though after I checked a sample of them so this problem is only happening to the manager locations which have been added in a dual axis layer.


      I am hoping that there is a suitable solution for this which I can then use for much more applications and to help others on here to create a similar product.


      Thanks in advance.