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    Joining data from different source

    huiying ong

      How difference is joining data via data source join different from edit relationship ?

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          Michael Hesser

          Hello huiying ong and welcome to the Tableau Communities;


          Before we get to your question, just a note that Tableau Forums is generally the best place to ask procedural questions like this. The Viz area is typically used for challenges and to discuss the pros/cons of a user's visualization.


          I highly recommend you go to the Forum area and SEARCH for your answer there-- you'll find many others have posed the same question. This, for example, may be helpful:


          Deciding Between Joining Tables and Blending Data | Tableau Software


          If you don't find what you need there, try posting in Forums: many more people frequent that area and will be happy to lend a hand.


          Remember: if a response has been helpful, don't forget to hit "Mark as Helpful" or "Mark as Correct" if it has answered your question.


          Good Luck! --Michael