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    Custom Waterfall chart in tableau

    sneha s



      I want to  create a waterfall chart in tableau with difference of 2 bars to be displayed in between as another bar. Like the below highlighted bars, my client wants to know the difference of 2 bars represented in another bar.





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          Michael Hesser

          Hello Sneha and welcome to the Tableau Communities!


          Please search in the Forums if you have not already: you should find a lot of people who have asked similar questions.


          If you can't find exactly what you need, I recommend you post this in Forums, rather than Viz: Viz is generally for challenges and viz discussions: you'll reach a much wider audience of help at Forums.


          Can you attach a sample of your data in a .TWBX?


          And as a newcomer to Tableau Communities: remember to mark answers as "Helpful" or "Correct" if they have assisted you


          Good Luck-- Michael

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            Amrit Pal Singh


            create a field for Non Serious(<5s) and make the value negative. Then, add negative field of serious visitor.

            Add fields in this serious : -


            - Non Serious(<5s)

            - Serious Visitors

            Serious Visitors

            - (Serious Visitors - App Starts)

            - App Starts

            App Starts


            this will work