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    VizAlerts setup issue

    Shafi Mohammad



      I'm trying to install VizAlerts v2.1.0 on a separate machine which doesn't have tableau server and is added to trusted hosts list on tableau server.

      I've followed the instructions as per the installation guide but ran into error while testing after the setup.

      Attached are the config and log files.

      Our tableau server is front-ended with a load balancer that offloads SSL and tableau server itself is configured with SSL as well.

      The value I've mentioned for server.certfile is the certificate chain for the SSL configured on tableau server.

      Can you help me configure vizalerts in this scenario?




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          Matt Coles

          You'll need to troubleshoot the trusted ticket issue by looking in the Tableau Server logs, as a "-1" return value means that it received the request, but denied access. Typically this is because the IP address of your host is not actually trusted. It's likely that it's seeing the IP being that of your load balancer, not the host making the request. If you own the load balancer, and can ensure all traffic coming to it will hit Tableau Server, you can add it's own IP to the list, and then institute a rule of some kind that verifies the source IP on the LB itself.

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            Matt Coles

            Hi Shafi. Did you get it working? If this answered your question, would you mark my answer as correct, please?




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              Shafi Mohammad

              Hi Matt,


              Yes, it was seeing the IP of the load balancer and not the host making the request.

              We just ended up using the tableau server host name on the config file as there were other complexities pointed out by our LB team.