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    Graphs don't appear

    Maram Mamdouh

      I'm using  the public version .I wanted to know  why  graphs don't appear when i put the variables in Columns and rows

      What should i do to fix this?Screenshot_1.png

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          Esther Aller

          Hi Maram,


          I would double check that the data source actually has data in it. A simple way to do this is to drag [Number of Records] into a new view. If the Applications data source is using table joins, then this issue may be caused by something like using an INNER join when there are no matching records.


          This shouldn't make a difference, but I notice that the only fields in your view are from the secondary data source. If you make a new view and drag [Currency] into that view does the issue still occur? (Note: the primary data source is set as whichever data source you first drag a field from).


          If none of this helps, can you share a screenshot of the Data Source tab for the Applications data source?



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            Dinesh Kumar S R

            Based on your drag and drop, I see you're using data blending so make sure the relationship is defined.


            Also two columns are brought to the canvas from secondary data source and the primary is not being used, if this is the case, create new sheet and add those two column from the selected data source which will act as primary.