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    Two digits in Month

    Sami N



      Is there a better way to achieve this?


      str(YEAR([Last Email Click Date]))+

      IF    len(str(month([Last Email Click Date])))=1

      THEN Str(0)+STR(month([Last Email Click Date]))

      ELSE Str(month([Last Email Click Date]))


      +str(Day([Last Email Click Date]))


      Two parts to this question

      1. I need to convert the date to a format like 20180310 for  date -10/03/2018

      is there a better way to achieve this, than the formula above . i need to store the final value as integer instead of a string.


      2.When I use the month function it only gives me single digit  for months 1-9 is there a way i can get 01,02,03 through formula.