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    Publish Data Source Uploads .hyper file to server / Online with .tde extension

    pavan pothnis

      I am using Tableau Rest Api https://onlinehelp.tableau.com/current/api/rest_api/en-us/help.htm#REST/rest_api_ref.htm#Publish_Datasource  in Java to Publish Extracts (.tde and .hyper) for Server and Online (10.5)


      Publish .tde data source has no issue, however, when I use the same API and extract is .hyper, File is getting published with .tde extension.


      I have tried to give the full name of the file in the request





      POST http://myserver:8000/api/2.8/sites/e221afce-d4a7-4946-a8ab-176f464ccb33/datasources?uploadSessionId=26864:4831C43C79204065B6793298280AC1A3-0:0&datasourceType=hyper&overwrite=false



      Content-Disposition: form-data; name="request_payload"

      Content-Type: text/xml

      <tsRequest><datasource name="Tableau_Server_Create.hyper"><project id="68f7df01-6420-41d2-91f0-3e61f34396d4"/></datasource></tsRequest>



      When I see the published file in server or Online the name is Tableau_Server_Create.hyper.tde.


      when the request is made without specifying extension ie; Tableau_Server_Create , file gets uploaded to server / online with Tableau_Server_Create.tde format


      I have verified whether the .hyper is correct by trying to open in 10.4 and it fails to open with expected error and also manual upload gets uploaded with .hyper extension.


      Please help me in identifying from where the .tde gets appended to file name while using the Rest Api for publishing Data source.


      I am using the same set of (API version 8) to upload .tde and .hyper.


      Any help is highly appreciated.