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    Join Question - want to make sure I have right join criteria btw Excel/ 2 sql servers

    Ben Perlman

      I realized that the join I had was duplicating data.


      I have 1 excel spreadsheet containing the name of the client and the name of the account manager associated with that client.  This is joined to 2 sql servers.  Each sql table lists the client, month, and specific metrics for that client.  I had 2 left joins, all joined to the main sql table below (tbl_listing_pmt_summary).  The SAM_CAM assignment is the excel doc.  I had it only left joined to the main tabl, and I have the 2nd sql table left joined to the main table as well.  The joins between the sql tables are accurate.


      However, when I bring in the excel spreadsheet, it duplicates data (its only joined to one table).... If I left join the excel spreadsheet (by client name) to BOTH tables, will that solve the issue? Is there a better way to join them?