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    Analyse Linux Logs with Logshark

    Sylvain Cogné

      Hello Tableau community,


      I am currently trying to analyse a set of logs from our newly installed Tableau server on Linux and it appears that Logshark isn't able to proceed them.... Did someone already experienced this issue or am I doing it the wrong way?


      When I try I get an error message that this may not be a valid Tableau logset...


      Are the logs on Linux and on windows completely different or is it the same structure?


      Thank you in advance for your help.



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          Jeff Strauss

          It could be that the format is more in the style of Linux / Unix which does not have the line feed where windows does have the line feed.  Do you have a utility to convert the Linux log format to a windows format?  I've used logshark against windows files, but unfortunately have no linux logs to speak of as of right now, so I can't quite test this out myself.