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    Auto refresh extract in Tableau Desktop only

    Nipa Madhani

      Hi All,


      My scenario is :

      1. Connected to MYSQL using custom query
      2. Connected to extract and not live database
      3. Using Tableau Desktop Vesion 10.5.1
      4. Everyday I refresh the data/packaged workbook(.twbx) using Tableau desktop and save it as packaged workbook(.twbx) so that client can see it using Tableau Reader.
      5. I do not have Tableau sever or Tableau Online.  Only uses Tableau desktop and Tableau Reader.


      My Question :


      Automate Extract Refresh Tasks from the Command Line


      • Is there any way I can auto refresh this process using Command line utility?
      • Current refresh process which I am using is, Open packaged workbook, login database and click on refresh button in the data source page

      • this process takes lot of time creating extract database, importing data and then computing view layout.
      • I I have optimized my query in best possible way by fetching only required fields.


      Can anyone please tell me, how can I automate extract refresh process if possible or how can I improve on my current process to spend less time on building the dashboards.


      Thanks in advance!