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    Can't get percentages to display correctly in Tableau

    John Freiberger


      I'm having some difficulty getting some data to display as percentages in Tableau. My data is in an MS Excel spreadsheet. No matter how I format the data in Excel (general with no specific format, number with two decimal places, percentage with two decimal places, text, or custom), my percentage does not display in Tableau as I expected. In Excel, I enter "34.46," but when I connect Tableau to my spreadsheet, I see "34.4600." How do I get rid of the last two zeroes?



      I am using Tableau Desktop 10.5.1. I can attach a packaged workbook if necessary, but I think this is more of an issue with Excel than Tableau. I just need to know how to format my data in Excel - I think that's the issue.


      PS - I'm a Tableau newbie. I'm using Tableau for my Master's thesis. If I haven't tagged this question properly, or picked the appropriate categories, please let me know.