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    How to choose a specific subset of data and have everything else filter to it.

    Tom Williams

      Hi all


      Tableau newbie here so be nice I am trying to create a dashboard which has a number of donut charts (versions of pie charts) to display different parameters of various markets. What I want to be able to do is have a donut chart which shows only the market I am interested in as a percentage and has all other markets grouped together into one. I also want to have a label of the percentage of the market in question displayed in the middle of the donut chart. This is simple enough to do for one market but I am hoping on my dashboard to have a filter (or perhaps some other mechanism) where the user can select the market they are interested in viewing information on. I would like this to then change each of the donut chart so they will show focus on the market being selected with all other markets grouped together, and change the label.


      Is there some way to do this? I feel like there must be as my real dataset is composed of many different markets and I don't want to have to create an individual dashboard for each one.


      I've done up a dummy example using the global superstore data as an example. it is attached.


      Any tips you can provide would be greatly appreciated.