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    Filtering Issue

    Brian Boddy

      Hi All - could someone give me a little help w/this?


      I've built the attached heatmap Dashboard.  When I adjust the "Date Range" filter, the "Quotes by Customer" and "Average Margin" sliders do not adjust to reflect the new date range.


      Does anyone know how I make those filters dynamic w/the adjustment of the "Date Range"


      Thanks for all the help!


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          Shinichiro Murakami

          Hi Brain,


          Could you please attach packaged workbook(**.twbx) with mocked up data?




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            Brian Boddy

            Sorry - what I mean is I don't even have access to the data or the workbook.  This is actually something one of our VP's is working on and has asked me to try and find an answer.

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              Jim Dehner

              Hi Brian


              I agree with Shin - had to tell without seeing the workbook but it is pretty clear you are between a rock and a hard spot.


              so if the VP will share the book then fine - if not there are some things you can check

              you have 3 sliders filters that are on a separate worksheet - go to that sheet and follow the path below


              Second he could be using an Dashboard action or several


              Go to the dashboard and follow the path below


              for each action - open it with edit and make sure it is going from the "filter sheet on the db" to the appropriate worksheet(s)

              I think with sliders the action is on MENU but you will need to check



              Good luck



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                Brian Boddy



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