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    How to get the sum of maximum values from a particular field based on Multi value filter selections?

    Vimal Annamalai

      Hi All,


      Please forgive me if my doubt is meaningless!!!


      My Requirement is,

                               I want to calculate the sum(max(outstanding bugs)) based on the releases are selected in Multi selection Filter(Release Filter). If I select All values, It has to show Sum(Max(outstanding bugs)) for All releases for each & every date even-though if selected releases are not available for that particular date. I have attached the workbook and data source excel also.


      Current Case:-


      My current chart displaying the maximum outstanding bugs column value of particular date & It is not showing the values based on multi selection filter(Name - Release Filter in my case).

      Below example will explain it clearly:


      If you see for 2/2/2018, It holds only few releases (Release Column). So for that few releases, It just retrieving the maximum outstanding value alone.