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    Viz Alerts - threshold data

    Sowmya Venugopal

      Hello team,


      I am new to Viz Alerts and trying to subscribe myself and my team to our dashboard.


      I want to get an email alert if data appears on the dashboard.


      For this I created a measure called Alert If [Custom SQL Query (hprpoc)].[Delta] <> 0 then 0 else 1 END and added it to the Filter.This is in workbook "Balance".

      I have created the trigger fields like Email To, Body, Action, CC in another workbook "Trigger". I exported the fields for trigger from an excel file.

      I added the trigger view to the dashboard.


      Specifically, I want to get an alert if the Delta field has values other than 0.

      Will the alerts work if I just publish it to the server and subscribe all of us to the trigger view? I am wondering if I made any mistake.


      Also, I don't want to display the trigger view on my dashboard.

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          Matt Coles

          You can use the Alert If as a filter, just like you described, but it must be on the "trigger" view. The trigger view is the "instruction set" for VizAlerts. It does not matter what it looks like, only what fields and data it contains. Your Alert If tells it when to do something, and the Email To, Body, etc fields tell it what to do when the data is visible. You can embed other sheets in your dashboard, or even from other workbooks on Tableau Server, in the body of the emails you send out, so there is no need to put the trigger view in the actual dashboard you want people to see. Does that make sense?


          An example would be if you have two sheets in your workbook, one called "Trigger" and the other called "Dashboard Report". Trigger is an ugly text table that just tells VizAlerts what to do, and has all your special fields on it. Dashboard Report is beautiful and what you want recipients of the alert to receive.


          Assuming you're using VizAlerts 2.1, you will need, at minimum, three fields on your Trigger sheet:


          Email Action

          Email To

          Email Body


          For Email Action, you can leave it as '1' if you're using the Alert If filter to remove data when you don't want to send an alert.

          For Email To, you can edit it to reflect your team alias, e.g. 'myteam@mycompany.com', or base it on individual email addresses if you've got them in your data connection, e.g. [Salesperson Email].


          For Email Body, you will use a "content reference" to embed Dashboard Report into the email you want to send. It can be a text calc as simple as:




          Note that this is a text string, and not an actual Tableau function. VizAlerts will read what it says, and interpret it to mean "Go to Tableau Server, look up the 'thisworkbook' workbook, and embed the sheet 'DashboardReport' into the email as a PNG".


          So the result will be one or more emails, sent when your Alert If field is "1", sent to 'myteam@mycompany.com', with nothing in it except an image of Dashboard Report.


          Hopefully this helps.

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            Matt Coles

            Hi Sowmya. If this answered your question, would you mark my answer as correct, please?