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    Display points on a graph using a parameter

    Stefan Armstrong

      I want to use a parameter to display circles with data for the x axis for several lines of continuous data (see below):




      My question is, why didn't my first expression work? When I built it using this:


      if (([Years of Followup]) =  [Years])


           ({FIXED [Risk Category],[Years]: min([% Patients Free of Distant Recurrence])})




      I got a lot of cases where the Boolean part of the expression failed to pick up true values. I had to jury rig it as follows,


      if (([Years of Followup]) - [Years]) < 0.01 and (([Years]) - [Years of Followup]) < 0.01



      NOTE: The [Years] field is a single decimal value increasing by 0.1 across the full range from 0-16.


      Thanks for any insight!