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    Does Tableau Custom SQL Query recognize "NOT" operator?




      I was not able to find an answer in FAQ and Google so out of desperation and curiosity  I decided to ask here.

      Do you have an experience with not working "NOT" operator in Custom Query? I am puzzled...


      I have quite big amount of data and among it I have some "test" and "cancelled" orders to exclude.

      Tableau is connected to Oracle database and when I mirror the query in SQL Developer, everything works fine but Tableau seems to ignore "NOT" in front of "LIKE" or "IN" (at least in this cases, I did not try more).


      I know I can filter them out in Tableau itself but I wonder if this is me who does sth wrong in my Custom SQL Query or it is just not working in Tableau.




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          nikher verma

          Hi Matt,


          For the 1st time when I used SQL query  as a custom query in tableau ,I was shocked to notice that a properly working SQL query was giving me tons of error and then after getting my hands dirty I came to knew that tableau custom query are case sensitive .


          So don't worry ,play with your data ; instead of using the query try some basic query to figure out whats the problem there .

          You can review the output of  your query so use it for debugging your query.


          And yes please do share your findings here .