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    Adding percents within scope of row

    Jordan LeGrand

      Hi all,


      First off, I'm new to Tableau, so I'm not too familiar with the proper terminology, so I hope I can explain my issue clearly. I've googled around and searched through the community here, but haven't found a working example that hits exactly what my issue is. My guess is that its just a lack of understanding the lingo, so if thats the case, I'm hoping you can clarify that for me. Here are two graphs over the same data that I've created:




      For each record, we're looking to see whether or not a field was null or not null for a given user. The first graph show the total counts for each user with a split out of records with null/not null. The second shows, for each user, which percentage of their records had a value that was null / not null.


      Ideally, I'd like to combine the two. On the first chart, i'd like to replace the mark text from totals to percentages (within the scope of the user themselves). For example, the first row in the first chart would have text that says 27% / 77% instead of 1467 / 3918. I'm able to replace the text with percentage of total for all users, but not within the scope of the original rows. Is this kind of functionality possible?


      Thank you,



      Message was edited by: Jordan LeGrand Added packaged workbook. Examiner Code Usage worksheet uses a grouping on Adj Rsn Cd, Sheet 4 uses a calculated field (if adj rsn cd is null then 'N' else 'Y').