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    Scatterplot with Most Recent Values in two data sets

    Charles Hannon

      I am trying to create a scatterplot with the attached workbook and data. The scatterplot will show relationship between Maternal Mortality and Ratio@ of Births Attended by Skilled Health Professional. The data come from the U.N. Genderstats website. One of the datasets has data values for multiple years--but not the same years for every country. So I need to select the most recent year of data for each country. I found some calculations here that work for each dataset individually:


      Re: Most recent value for multiple measure names with different most recent dates


      but when I try to blend the two datasets to create a scatterplot I get an error about "unsupported aggregation." In the attached workbook i use the calculations to create a table for each of the two data sets (sheet 1 and sheet 2) but I can't get the scatterplot to work in sheet 3.