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    Filter using dual axis chart with different hierarchy

    Eric WANG

      Hi there,


      I'd like to use a dual axis line chart which contains both detailed as well as aggregated information as a filter in the dashboard, but I can't get the desired outcome.


      Attached is a sample workbook, here are what I've done so far:


      In the line chart, I have lines representing the overall aggregation for each measure, i.e. Number and Number 2, and their breaking down by categories, i.e. a and b. I want to use it as a filter to the bar chart, which is the overall aggregation of Number by ID. The desired outcome would be:


      a. if user click on any of the two aggregation line, the bar chart will return aggregated result of Number,

      b. otherwise, the bar chart will return result for the corresponding breakdown


      Only part b is working and part a isn't. When I click on the dark red or blue line, the bar chart returns nothing. I'm not sure if I missed anything here. I would appreciate if anyone can point me to the right direction.