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    Does the WDC/Tableau js library leak data?

    Eric Pickard

      I am looking to build a web data connector on Tableau Sever to grab information from a static json file that contains sensitive data and import this data into tableau. I followed the tutorial on how to build a web data connector and I have built a WDC that works the way I want it using a json file with the correct structure but fake data. Before I start using our real data, I need to prove that the tableau js library is not leaking data outside of our internal network. Does anyone know where this documentation might be located? I have looked at the WDC API Reference, but I cannot find detailed information on what functions such as tableau.registerConnector() or tableau.submit() do with the data they receive. Do these or other necessary functions send our data anywhere other than from the WDC to our instance of Tableau Server? Am I looking in the right place? I am very new to Tableau and web data connectors so I apologize in advance if this is a silly question.