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    Stacked Bar Chart Won't Remove SUM calculation

    Stephanie Bowman

      WORKBOOK ATTACHED:  Top 10 Largest V10.4


      Hello Community,

      I am creating a dashboard from three worksheets, the TOP 10 Occupations.  The overall goal is to be able to click on an occupation and then have the corresponding charts show (bottom left chart) the Entry, Average, and Experienced wages and (bottom right chart) Wages at 10th, 25th, 50th, 75th, and 90th percentiles.


      The values on the Entry Avg Exper worksheet are working correctly as they match the values in the three measures, but the values on the Percentage worksheet are summing and doubling the 5 measures.  I have turned off Aggregate Measures, and when turning off Stack Marks my 5 measures disappear.  


      1).  How do I get the Percentage Workbook to "act like" the Entry Avg Exper workbook?

      2).  How do I hide the Unique Ranking Field/Numbers on top of both of the Stacked Bar Charts (Entry Avg Exper and Percentage)?


      Thank you!