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    Null Values on Time Series




      I've been running into this problem alot lately and none of my current tricks are working. Ive tried using a WindowMax and Lookup function for similar problems but neither are working here. I'm trying to show null values on this time series and avoid the diagonal line during gaps in data.



      Thanks for the help. TWBX attached.

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          Shinichiro Murakami

          HI John


          One idea is change the axis to discrete.










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            Jim Dehner

            Hi John

            see the attached - there are a couple possible solutions (i'm sure there are more)


            the first is to just fill the blanks with 0


            its 2 parts


                    the formula is        ifnull(lookup(sum([Impressions]),0),0)


            then the date range has been filled in by opening the green pill and selection "Show Missing Values"


            It returns the top line on the chart below



            You can also soften the data by playing with fill in data - see the exapmple



            and it returns the bottom chart



            I'm sure there are others if I had a better idea of your expectations




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