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    Using LOD calculated date from primary data source with secondary data source

    Ryan Rafferty



      I have used an LOD to find the first order date of a particular product from my primary data source.


      Customer/Part No =

      if[Part No]=[Parameter 1] THEN[Customer Code] END


      Date Item first Ordered=

      {fixed[Customer/Part NO ]: MIN([Date])}


      Parameter is used to filter what Product (part no) I want to look at.


      My secondary data source contains my sales data.


      The columns in my secondary source are as follows:


      Customer code, Brand ID, Order Date, Net sales.




      The end goal is to look at sales (secondary data source) within the brand_ID before and after the date the particular item was first ordered (derived from primary data source).

      Brand_ID is in both data sources as well if that makes a difference.


      I know now that using LOD expressions with calculations from another data source do not work. I am not quite sure of what the work around would be.


      Any help would be appreciated. Unfortunately my job does not allow me to publish any of the data I am working with, and I am not quite sure how to recreate this using the super store data sample given the multiple data sources.


      Thank you very much!