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    Extracts using Google Sheets connector failing - Unable to Refresh-access token

    Donna Coles


      Is anyone aware of any recent known issues using connections to Google Sheets?


      Since 3rd March several workbooks, that previously were refreshing daily with no issue, and that use extracts that connect to Google Sheets, are failing to refresh with a 'Unable to Refresh-access' token. A data source is also failing.

      For the data source, I've been provided with an updated password, which I can connect to via Desktop & extract, but when publishing to the server that then requires credentials to be embedded, its then failing to publish with the error "Internal Server Error: Datasource Exception". Another user who owns one of the failing workbooks is experiencing the same when he tried to republish a workbook he owns, despite it working in Desktop.


      All the failed workbooks and datasource are using different source sheets on Google Sheets and have different credentials and were created at different times, so seems a bit suspicious they've all started failing at the same time....


      I can see there's a reported 'known issue' with the Google Analytics API, but this is a different connector I believe so unsure if it's related or not.



      We're running Tableau Desktop & Server v10.1.1 and there have been no known changes to our Tableau server.


      Just checking on here, before I raise to Tableau Support.  There may well have been some other change to our network/environment that has caused this to happen.