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    Permissions are reset after restoration of Backup

    Sourabh Dasgupta



      While testing a migration activity, I executed the below steps:  


      1. The current Tableau server is setup with AD authentication mode
      2. A full Backup is taken on this server.
      3. A test Tableau server is installed but the authentication mode selected is “local”.
      4. The backup is restored on the test server (WITHOUT the configurations). We used the –no-config parameter.
      5. We did a “tabadmin reset” to reset the Admin account and recreated the new admin on the test server


      We noticed that all the AD users and AD groups were successfully restored on the test server. However when we are checking the permissions of these users on the test server, they have been changed. The users and groups had “Publisher” rights on the actual server, however on the test server their role is changed to “viewer”. We checked the “maximum site role settings” of these individual users and they were shown as “Publishers or Interactors”, however on the workbook permission page, they were rest to “viewers”. I also checked the Groups to they belong to and the group also has “publisher” access.


      I wanted to know whether this is happening due to mismatch of the authentication mode on both the servers.