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    using superstore data - How to display all the Markets,discount as 'Missing' for the unavailable markets(i want to display the unavailable market as well and show the discount as 'Missing')

    Kary K

      Hello All,


      This is an urgent requirement. I'm not sure if this is possible. Please let me  know.


      Attached is the .twbx file(Display all the markets - v10.3.4)


      I have a requirement where, for example in the attached .twbx file, i want to display 'Alabama' though the categories-furtniture and office supplies donot contain alabama.

      In the filter, we can see 'Alabama' is selected and we don't see alabama on the worksheet.

      I want to display 'Alabama' and the discount value for 'alabama' as 'Missing'

      Similarly i want to display all the markets like alabama and display discount value as missing whenever i select the missing markets.