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    Avoid Layout Container Splitting

    Andrew Roberts



      I have several elements in a horizontal layout Container, however when I drag the first element to be equal in size to the one above (in a different layout container)- it tries to split my layout container in two.  Essential it removes the first item from the layout container. 


      Does anyone know a way to avoid this splitting and ensure the row stays in the same layout container?



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          Jim Dehner

          Hi have you tried

          right click the handle and fixing the height or width?



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            Andrew Roberts

            Hey Jim,


            Yeah that was the first thing I tried.  It is more that when I see a black arrow and black line below- it tries to split the box.  I'm not sure why- but I figure I can fix it by doing nested layout boxes. 


            One Vertical and inside each vertical- put a horizontal.




            Was hoping there was some setting that I was just missing.