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    Alternate option for User Filter

    Nishant Rai

      Hi All,


      In my HR Dashboard I have a filter "Officer Name" which is having Supervisor Name which are different for each login User as I have created user filter for those Users.


      Like if I login to my dashboard on the server as User "DAVID" I will see Officer Name = "A" , "B" , "C"

      And if I login as server User "Ray" I will see Officer Name = "D" , "R" etc.


      Earlier the number of the user were less so I have created multiple user filters & combined them and put that set into filter but now the number of the users are increasing...

      I can Increase the user filters & combined them with the existing set but the challenge is the role of the users are changing frequently so I have to change my user filters according to that.


      Is there any other way around to achieve this functionality?


      Your suggestions requires ..