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    On-prem Tableau Server for Students & Researchers

    Patrick Franklin



      I'm with a higher education institution (the University of Michigan) and we're currently exploring how we can support student, post-grad student research, and faculty research on campus. We also have a number of courses in our School of Information, Ross School of Business, and College of Literature, Science, and the Arts who are using Tableau for data analysis. We have an on-premise Tableau Server installation hosted by our Central IT department (ITS) and we're considering options for allowing students and student researchers and faculty researchers to publish to our Tableau Server.


      Is anyone else providing on-prem (or cloud-hosted but not Tableau's cloud service) site or server space to students or faculty for class work or research? If so, would you be willing to share here or in a conference call about how this is set up?


      Topics we're starting to think through include:

      1. Server set-up:  do you create a site for this, or projects within the main site?

      2. How do you enable security? (not technically, more policy direction)

      3. What content is eligible for publish and what is not?

      4. Do you put into place processes for removing old content that is not being used any more? What parameters do you put on cleanup processes?

      5. Do you put space limitations? What limits?

      6. Cost - do you charge your campus for tableau server (a cost-share or recharge model)? If you do, do you charge departments with students or faculty research who use your server?


      We've historically directed post-grad student researchers to Tableau Public but a business case recently came up where a researcher is working on a data set that needs a more curated and security-controlled area to publish.


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      - Patrick Franklin