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    Poll results

    Pamel Majur

      Hello everyone, I have a problem with something that I tried to pull off using the poll results in the standard Likert scale. I'm fairly new to Tableau Desktop software so excuse me if it's too trival (well, it isn't for me).

      I tried to make a similar graph to the one presented in this video:




      Unfortunately I happened to find a difficulty just by the end of accomplishing the task. I have a problem with the last step of working with data in this example: on my data Tableau calculates the Gantt Percent field a little bit different to what it was in the video. Here's a screenshot from my data table:




      the formula I used for the calculation was the same as it was in the video:


      PREVIOUS_VALUE([Gantt Start]) + ZN(LOOKUP([Percent of Total Sizing],-1))


      computed along the Answer column. It just doesn't add the value from the Percent of Total to the previous value and instead does something that... well, I don't know how it calculates those output numbers to be fair. Thanks for any input in advance!