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    Backgroup Image/multiple colors on Dashboard Title

    Deepika Goyal



      Problem statement: Dynamic change in dashboard title and multiple background colors in dashboard title


      I have a worksheet which has employee name filter, this worksheet is getting referenced to dashboard. I want my dashboard title to change as per the employee filter and secondily dashboard title show have 3 different colors in the background (Blue, red and Yellow). The colors are company brand colors


      Can anyone help me in this regards?




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          nikher verma

          Hi Deepika ,


          You can change the title of Dashboard as per the employee filter ,all you need is to change the name of your worksheet(you cant change dashboard title directly )  dynamically  to do so Double click on worksheet title .

          Change this Sheet Name to your filter name (select it from insert Drop down )

          If you want to write something along with filter name( i have added Place:: <Place>) ,write it before your filter .


          And instead of using dashboard title , use worksheet title .


          For further clarification check the below mentioned link .


          Creating Dynamic Titles Based on Filters | Tableau Software 


          And about the color ,it would be better if you add a screen shot of your dashboard .



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