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    Display Rank without Displaying Members

    Renata Feher

      Hi All,


      I might have a fairly obvious question but for some reason, I cannot find a solution for this problem.

      Given a dataset which contains revenue data by company, year, quarter and region. I am interested in the achievements of Company D


      I am trying to have a table which shows a regional summary of:

      - the revenue of the whole region (for all products, all companies)

      - the regional sum of a specific product (Product D, all companies)

      - the regional revenue of Company D for Product D

      - the rank of Company D in the region for Product D revenue

      - the market share of the Rank 1 company in the region for Product D (market share = (total regional revenue of the highest ranked company for product D) / (regional revenue of product D)

      - the name of the Rank 1 company in the region

      - market share difference of Rank 1 Company and Company D


      In the view I only want to show:

      - rows: regions (which can expand to countries)

      - columns: the above calculations

      as table.

      I cannot show the name of the different companies in the row or column.


      I am having difficulties calculating the ones in red. Basically, I couldn't figure out a way how to calculate the rank without having the companies in the view.


      I would really appreciate any guidance here.


      Attached you can find a sample dataset.


      Thank you,