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    .hyper extract when downloaded from server, downloads as .tdsx format

    chirag kalra

      Hello Community,


      Recently my company upgraded to Tableau Server 10.5. Everything works fine, whenever I publish the empty extract to tableau server, it publishes as .hyper format.

      But while I download the extract, it downloads as .tdsx format. I was wondering or as said by tableau in this link http://onlinehelp.tableau.com/current/pro/desktop/en-us/help.htm#extracting_upgrade.html

      the extracts with upgrade to .hyper format. Then why does the extract shows .tdsx format when downloaded from the server?


      I have also attached the image for the same extract, the property from the tableau desktop that shows Type: .hyper


      PS, I am currently using Tableau Desktop 10.5, so there should be issue of the version or anything.

      PPS: The performance of the views that are based on .hyper extract is not something great as of now. At least I did not see much difference in the performance.


      Thanks for the answers