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    How "changeParameterValueAsync" API works?

    pinki sharma

      Hi All,


      I have a workbook which has live connection with db and i pass multiple parameters in custom sql query.

      Every time when user change parameter workbook starts  loading without waiting to set other parameters. This happens due to direct pass of parameters in custom sql.


      Now i want to overcome this loading problem. I want to fill parameters and apply in one go. I achieved this using custom gui with tableau js api.

      I created parameters in custom gui and applying all in click of "Apply" button.


      I just want to know how "changeParameterValueAsync" works internally in custom gui. Does it set all parameters one by one or together.


      If it sets one by one then my  problem still remains same. I checked tableau guide but didn't find any information about this.


      Request you guys help me to resolve this issue.


      Quick help will be appreciated.




      Pinki Sharma