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    Understanding Tableau Nested Project Permissions

    Mark Wu

      I spent hours and hours to test Tableau's new nested project and its permissions. My test results are presented at today's Tableau Server Admin virtual user group meeting. The deck used is also attached and the recording is from Tableau Admin Virtual User Group 3 2 - YouTub   (from 40 mins onwards). Here is the summary:

      1. To publish to a child project, all the following 3 conditions must be met:
        • Publisher site role
        • Publisher permissions to parent project
        • Publisher permissions to the child project
      2. Only top parent project can be locked. If parent is unlocked, child can't be locked. For locked project :
        • All child projects are locked
        • All child projects have same permissions as parent project has.
        • All permission changes apply to all child projects automatically
        • Child projects can still have different owner
        • Child projects can’t have different project leaders
      3. Project owner vs. project leaders
        • Both can create  child project
        • Both have full control for its child projects (delete, manage contents, change permissions, etc)
        • Both are inherited as project leader to all its child projects.
        • Project(or child project) can have only one owner but multiple project leaders. However it is not recommended to have too many project leaders for any projects since project leaders have superpower for its content.
      4. Leverage project owner & project leader's super privileges for more self-service
        • Change extract refresh schedule
        • Modify any workbooks
        • Change workbook owner
        • Change data source owner
        • Change data source user/password
        • Delete workbooks
        • Change workbook or data source permissions
        • Move workbook
        • Restore old revision
        • Lock or unlock project permission
        • Certify or uncertified data sources (10.4)
        • Create or delete sub project folder(10.5)

      Read more at my blog @ Enterprise Tableau.   Pls feel free to share your understanding or questions.

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          Andy Piper



          Thanks for the information. It is very helpful as I look to reconfigure our TS for use with 10.5.1.


          Do you know if the developers are looking at other permissionings within the folder structure beyond 10.5.1? I'm specifically looking for them to add the following abilities:

          • Locked sub-folders
          • Publishing rights only within sub-folders, not the parent folder as well


          In case Tableau developers are looking at this, here's why:

          • Our Marketing umbrella has about 12 different groups, each with their own folder currently
          • Each folder uses AD-groups for permissions such that only members of that specific marketing group can access their group-specific workbooks
          • Each folder has one or more publishers just for that Marketing group
          • We also have folders in which all of Marketing can access


          It would be nice to have:

          • One Marketing folder (primary)
          • Workbooks available to all of marketing are then stored here
          • Sub-folders within the primary would then allow each marketing department their own space for their own workbooks
          • Publishers for each space would only be able to publish to their specific spaces, not the area where all of Marketing can get to -- that should be the role of the primary project owner/publisher, not a sub-folder owner/publisher
          • Locked sub-folders would allow the sub-folder owners to dictate which AD-groups have permissions and allow workbooks published to the sub-folders take on the permissions of the sub-folder, not the primary (since not everyone with access to the primary should be able to view a workbook in a sub-folder).


          Thanks again,



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            Mark Wu

            Pls vote the following IDEAS:


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              Andy Piper

              Thanks, Mark. I've voted up for these ideas. We will likely forego using nested folders in many cases until permission options available are more in line with our business.