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    Cluster controller is using port 80

    Madhusudhan Khambham

      Hi All,


      I just noticed Tableau server is using Port 80 for both HTTPD.exe and Cluster controller processes. But, cluster controller is supposed to use Port 12012  correct? Any idea why is it taking like that? any way to change it back to 12012?


      Also, one more thing i noticed is that Gateway process is using both 80/443 ports. This should be only port 80 correct? Do you see any issue here?


      I restarted the tableau server, the machine, but no luck. It is still using the same way. I see the below ports info from the KB article.


      12000TCPCoordination controller (ZooKeeper) client portXworkerX.zookeeper.port
      12012TCPCluster Controller processXcluster.status.port
      12013TCPCluster Controller processXcluster.storage.port


      Thanks & Regards

      Madhu K