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    How to pad missing data when date is filtered

    Steve Adams

      Hi Community!


      I have read multiple threads on this subject (many of them answered by Jonathan Drummey!) but cannot find a solution to my specific problem.


      (I have simplified my use case and butchered the superstore database to mimic my issue.)


      I want to show 2 viz's side by side on a dashboard - one is a bullet chart and the other is a time series. For the sake of this thread I will focus on a simplified cross-tab scenario.


      For example, Austria has no data for Jan through to March. I want to show a bullet chart of all countries filtered on February, alongside a time series for each country for the whole year. I am struggling to get Austria to show in the bullet view as it is filtered on a month where it has no data. This therefore messes up with the alignment of the whole viz on the dashboard. I have tried various work arounds (including a Fixed LOD to exclude Date, brought into detail, but the filter overrides this and still does not show).


      So I end up with the two views:


      Missing data.png

      [Please note that in the actual use case the data source is a blend, and so the "Table Layout / Show empty rows" option is not available.]


      Are there any work arounds I can do in Tableau to achieve what I need to do? I would prefer to achieve this in Tableau rather than padding the data in the data source (the data is a published data source and provided by a 3rd party supplier. I could generate an extract if that helps solves the problem).


      Packaged workbook example attached.

      [Edit. A second version has been attached to mimic some more of the required functionality (ie multiple years required with the same comparative months, and multiple month selects need to be an option).]


      Many thanks




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