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    SAML Integration for distributed environments

    Rakesh Kumar



      We are implementing Distributed environment for Tableau server for our organization.

      We are using SAML authentication.

      It is configured on the primary and the SSL certificates,Keys and Idp metadata file is placed on both the worker nodes.


      The set up is working fine.

      We were testing the failover scenario and brought down the primary server.

      it was expected that the Worker node 1 will take over.

      But when we are trying to access the application using worker node 1 url SAML is redirecting us to the primary server and it is not working.


      Can you please suggest what changes needs to be done so that SAML authentication works in the failover scenario also.




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          Carisa Chang

          Hi Rakesh,


          In a distributed Tableau Server installation, even without SAML, you need to use a single URL to access Tableau Server. You cannot access the worker hostnames as a way to sign in to Tableau Server. You can either direct all traffic through a gateway on the primary, or put a load balancer in front of Tableau Server, following this guide:

          Add a Load Balancer


          When you configure SAML for Tableau Server, you use the load balancer URL for your return URL and the hostname in your SSL certificate for SAML, this way if any of your nodes go offline, SAML continues to work:

          Configure Server-Wide SAML